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Xi'an University of Technology (XUT) is run by the central and local government. It is a comprehensive public university featuring science and technology. It was known as Shaanxi Institute of Mechanical Engineering before 1994, which was established by combining Beijing Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Shaanxi Polytechnic University in 1972.

Today, universities commit themselves to three obligations to society: to cultivate intellectuals, to research and to serve society. Xi'an University of Technology consistently emphasizes closely combining its development with the national economy development and social needs, and manages its teaching goals: standard management and high education quality are its strong features. With a broad overview of today and the future, our university has cultivated thousands of intellectuals with solid theoretical knowledge, excellent practical skills and great enterprise who are playing active roles in their fields both at home and abroad.

Xi'an University of Technology is comprised of 3 campuses: Jinhua, Qujiang and LianhuCampus, with the total area of 100 ha. It consists of 11 faculties, 23 research institutes, 15 experimental centers, 7 key disciplines and or laboratories at provincial or ministerial levels and or national levels. Among the 1343 full-time teachers, there are 159 professors, and 332 associate professors. Our university offers 22 programs for a doctoral degree, 44 for a master's degree including the national MBA, 49 for a bachelor's degree. Xi'an University of Technology has a total student population of 27,500, among which there are 4,000 doctoral students or master students, 15,800 undergraduates and 2700 students of high vocational education , 5000 part-time students. XUT conducts academic exchanges in cooperation with 19 foreign universities or research institutions. We commit ourselves to actively promoting cooperation and exchanges with famous universities in the world. With great initiative, we strive to turn our university into an open and comprehensive high-level research and teaching-led university with unique features and make our university of important influence in the world.

Foreign Students Recruitment Information


Any foreign citizen, who is eligible and is interested in learning Chinese, Chinese culture, science and technology and economy, is welcome to apply for our programs.


1.       Undergraduate Programs

The candidate shall be over 18-year old, healthy, with senior high school diploma or above and qualified HSK scores, (3-level for students of sciences, and 6-level for students of arts) 

Note: if an applicant has not the corresponding Chinese proficiency (level of HSK), he or she must finish one-year Chinese language study before he/ she enter his/her major study.

Documents required:

(1)      The application Form for Foreign Students, Xi’an University of Technology

(2)      A transcript of diploma (of senior high school or above)

(3)      Academic Results

(4)      A transcript of passport

(5)      A transcript the level of HSK (3-level for students of sciences, and 6-level for students of arts)

Application: 1st =March-30th July

Registration: 25th August- 1st September, as the dates indicted in The Admission Notice for Foreign Students Xi’an University of Technology. 

Length of Schooling: 4 years for all undergraduate programs

Tuition: 1800 USD per year for students of sciences

        1500USD per year for students of arts

Registration fee: 50USD

Curricula: Foreign students who shall finish all subjects as Chinese students do in the same undergraduate program except two subjects: Politics, Foreign Language. Instead, they have two additional compulsory subjects: Chinese Survey and Modern Chinese. Foreign students shall be conferred the diploma and bachelor degree after having passed all the required subjects and successfully defended their theses.

2Language Student Program

CandidatesAny foreign citizen who is interested in learning Chinese, with an age over 16 years old are welcome to apply for our language programs.

Documents required:                                                                      ① The Application Form for Foreign Students, Xi’an University of Technology                        ② A transcript of passport

Application: available at any time 

Registration:25th February-1st March for Spring semester; 25th August- 1st September for Autumn semester, as the dates indicted in The Admission Notice for Foreign Students Xi’an University of Technology. And we also have the exceptions for students with possible special reasons.

Length of Schooling: half a year to two years 
Registration fee:50USD
Tuition: 1450USD/year;

Programs offered: Special Chinese programs are tailored to cater for students at different Chinese level (O LEVEL, INTERMEDIATE LEVEL and ADVANCED LEVEL) 15-18 students for each class. Students shall be conferred the certificate after finishing one of these Chinese programs.

3、Also some special short-term Chinese training programs are available, indicated in Recruitment Notice for Foreign Students of Xi’an University of Technology









of arts: 1600USD/year  of sciences:1800USD/year

Scholarship ranging from 100 to 200 USD available for excellent foreign students

Language Student








A 2-room suite


Kitchen, shower, water-heating, telephone, internet access (self-paid)




Health Insurance